You’ll Get There When You Get There

Hello and welcome to my very first blog post 🙂

I have always been one to write my thoughts, dreams, and experiences down in my journal. And I feel that God has made it evident that He wants me to share them with people. Writing is my strong suit so I guess this is the way He wants to get my messages across. I have contemplated making one of these for a long time and am finally giving it a go. So, without further ado, I would like to share something that God shouted to me today.

I’ll start with the fact that time is my enemy. Time stresses me out big time. If I’m going somewhere, I have to be there at least ten minutes early. If I don’t leave the house at the time I told myself I was supposed to, I stress out. I don’t know if it’s my perception of time or what, but I just always have to be ahead of the clock – side note: it’s not possible. My brain tricks me into thinking that a certain time will come faster than it actually will. I’ve been noticing it more than ever lately and it might actually be getting worse.

I’m getting to the point, promise!

At work, at the end of the day before I clock out, I bring the mail to the post office. Today I got off at 12 and wanted to leave for the post office at 11:45. At about 11:40, I got a huge stack of mail that needed to be taped and have postage put on. So naturally, I freak out, I’m stressed, I’m rushing to get it all done as quickly as possible. At this point, I’m five minutes past the time I was supposed to leave. Right as I’m grabbing the keys to my car, all the mail falls to the floor. You might be thinking “oh she must have been a stressed mess.” And normally, you’d be right. But this time, it was quite the opposite. As I bent down to pick up the scattered envelopes, God shouted “see, this is what you get for trying to rush things. Take your time. You’ll get there when you get there.”

What normally would have made me flustered, angry, and impatient, immediately gave me a lesson instead. And it reminded me of everything else that we try to rush when all God wants is for us to take our time. He wants us to say “you know what, I’ll get there when I get there or it’ll come when it comes.” Because guys, things take time to be good. The more we try to rush it, it’ll just keep falling to the floor and we’ll have to start all over again. Wherever we are right now is where God wants us right now, so don’t rush it. I’m talking relationships, jobs, dreams, goals, getting to the post office on time. And He’ll make them happen when the time is right.

“When the time is right, I, The Lord will make it happen.” Isaiah 60:22

I’m sorry God, but I’m still gonna want to get places ten minutes early. But, I will try to work on getting rid of my enemy and now I know for a fact that God is right there helping me fight it. I will try to put my time stress in His hands. And I thank Him today for the great reminder and lesson that I so badly needed.

So, let’s recap the two lessons of today:

  • Don’t rush things. Don’t rush or stress time. Be patient. Whatever is going to happen, God will make happen at exactly the right time. So, instead of being impatient, sit back and enjoy everything that is happening in your life now.
  • Whatever your enemy may be, here’s your reminder that He is willing to help you fight it and conquer that bad boy. So put it in His hands, He’s got your back!